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Past Work

Jammin' across cultural divides

John Cage once referenced the quote, “The purpose of music is to sober and quite the mind, thus making it susceptible to greater influences” I am often reminded of this when utilizing music as a means of enhancing the delivery of health in poor communities, and wondering what and how else can we leverage initiatives using music

Our Narative

Caravaan's Pilot Project

In 2004, the Kampala Jazz All-Stars performed for the residents of the internally placed people's camp in the Soroti, Uganda with grant funding from the US Embassy. The performance was originally intended to offer a day of respite for the community. When we arrived and set up the stage, I thought, why not bring health organizations in to set up in the periphery of the crowd and deliver aid and services.

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Music Project 2006

In 2005 Caravaan was awarded a Berklee College of Music Alumni Grant to return to Uganda and continue the work he began with grants from the US Embassy between 2002 and 2004. With help from friends in Uganda, matching funds were awarded to the project from Save The Children and Christian Aid enabling the projects to extend into Internally Displaced People camps due to the war in Northern Uganda.

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Sierra Leone

Working with local indigenous musicians and bands, The West Africa Foundation & Partners In Health, Caravaan is supporting the recording of music with important and critically needed messaging for the Sierra Leone public in an effort to reduce the transmission of Ebola. These public service messages will be disseminated through recordings of traditional local music, broadcast over private and independent radio stations in Sierra Leone

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