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Sierra Leone

Ebola messaging through music


Working with local indigenous musicians and bands, The West Africa Foundation & Partners In Health, Caravaan is supporting the recording of music with important and critically needed messaging for the Sierra Leone public in an effort to reduce the transmission of Ebola. These public service messages will be disseminated through recordings of traditional local music, broadcast over private and independent radio stations in Sierra Leone


Currently messaging for Ebola is heavily influenced and distributed by international organizations. While the intentions are appropriate, the exact language used in the messaging or the specific channels used for distribution may not be the most appropriate, effective or trusted. In a region where Ebola continues to spread faster than it current containment measures can handle – miscommunication or local mistrust of important health or sensitization messages can literally be fatal.

Caravaan will work with Partners in Health (PIH) and other organizations working in Sierra Leone to mitigate the spread of Ebola to understand and craft appropriate messaging as the situation on the ground evolves. Caravaan will collaborate with local indigenous musicians and bands to write and record a series of culturally appropriate songs and PSAs about Ebola control.

Radio is a means of communication available to many poor and rural Africans. Music spans the cultural and educational divide and can help to reach those that traditional Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaigns may miss. Caravaan will distribute the songs and PSA’s through a network of independent radio stations throughout Sierra Leone that are supported by The Foundation for West Africa (based in Barrington, RI). In addition, Caravaan has partnered with the Sierra Leone based media organization WeOwnTV ( who will create accompanying video content and promote it through national Television outlets.

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